1961-1962 Corvette Vintage Air Gen IV Air Conditioning Conversion System

Fly-By-Wire Fully Electronic Servo Motor Controls-No Cables Or Capillary Tube To Route
Infinite "Just Right Temperature" Air Blending
Infinite Blower Fan Speed Adjustment
High Volume Dehumidified Defrost Mode
Separate High Capacity Aluminum Plate & Fin Cooling Coil
Copper/Brass Cuprabraze™ Parallel Flow Heater Coil
Mounts Behind The Dash
New Rotary Controls Included
Flat Steel Firewall Cover Panel

All new design specifically for 1961-62 Corvette models. New separate heater and cooling coils and high volume blower give you OEM quality comfort, provide infinite dash and floor blending and retains the factory look inside your vehicle. Factory "wheel type" cONSOLE CONTROLS ARE USED. SURE FIT SYSTEMS MOUNT TO EXISTING HOLES IN DASH AND FIREWALL IN MOST CASES.

The Short And Long Of Chevy Water Pumps

Chevy Corvette mechanical short style water pumps measure 5-5/8” high from the shaft down with the pilot shaft diameter measuring 5/8". Long style Chevy Corvette water pumps measure 7” high from the shaft down, and the pilot shaft diameter was 5/8" as well. Do not mix and match pulleys from short and long water pump engines because this will cause pulley misalignment. An easy way to find out what style you have while your pump is still installed on the engine is to try to stick your hand between the water pump and timing chain cover. If you can slip your fingers in-between you have a long, if not you have a short.

Fits: 1961, 1962 Corvettes

[ click image to enlarge ] E17647 KIT-VINTAGE AIR CONDITIONING CONVERSION-GEN IV-61-62
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