- Brand new reproduction sets
- Produced using original factory blueprints
- Correct! Having the original T-3® and GUIDE insignia
- 25% brighter than original bulbs
- Built for longer bulb life
- Officially Licensed
- Made by an OEM manufacturer in the U.S.A.
- Sold in complete sets only (2 or 4 bulb sets)
Great care was taken to improve the photometrics and candlepower of these bulbs
in order to meet the current Federal Highway Safety Standards, without compromising
the original lens prescription.

Why you shouldn't buy an old bulb (used or N.O.S.)?
If you were to buy an N.O.S. (new old stock) bulb from a vendor at a swap meet, the going price per bulb would almost equal what we charge for our complete set. And what the vendor doesn't tell you is that when you go to energize your newly purchased N.O.S. bulb, it may instantly burn out, or is certainly destined for a very short life. Obviously. this is also true of bulbs purchased from junk yards.

The reason is simple; these bulbs were not designed to last 40 years. What happens to these bulbs (even never used bulbs) is that over time, they can develop cracks in the varnish (seal) on the back of the bulb. Once a crack develops, air can enter the bulb (which is under a sealed vacuum), and the filament will instantly burn out if power is applied.

Why do we sell our bulbs in complete sets (not individually)?
In order to comply with the current lighting standards, our new T-3 bulbs had to be manufactured to meet current federal lighting standards. Consequently, our T-3 bulbs are about 25% brighter than the originals. They do not project the typical dim, yellow cast as the original bulbs did; leading to difficult night time driving. (For those of you who are concerned about having your car judged, the level of bulb "brightness" is not a judging criteria - but at least you'll be able to see when you drive) If you were to replace only one bulb, you would instantly notice the brightness difference when placed side-by-side to your old, original bulbs.

[ click image to enlarge ] E13136 BULB SET-HEADLAMP-T-3-EXACT REPRODUCTION-4 PIECES-68-71
Pricing Price: $149.95 You Save: $2.00! Sale Price: $147.95