Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start ordering Corvette Restoration Parts at the Pacifica store?

If you would like to start ordering parts with Corvette Pacifica, you will need to first create an account with us. To create an account go to the sign up page. 
Once you've selected: I am a new customer (you will create a password later)

Now type your email address in this box and click: "Sign In" After this you will be asked to create a new password, now click: Update
Now your ready to add corvette parts to your cart. Once you've selected the parts for your Corvette you can proceed to the check out.
 - As a note you can always view the items in your cart by clicking: "Cart"

2. Is there a place where I can ask questions, and find discussions on other Corvette Projects?  [Forum, Blog Related]

You can learn more about Corvettes Generation C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, and the new C7 by our blog at:  
The Corvette Blog is a place where you can interact with other people, and discover exciting Corvette Reproduction products that Corvette Pacifica
is offering discounts on; you can also view the Corvette Pacifica Gallery, and look back on some of the older classic Corvette Generations. 

3. Where can I find out about the evolution of the Corvette?

Corvette Pacifica is not only the one stop source for Corvette Parts, we have a page that gives you a general breakdown of the authentic
American Sports car, the Corvette. Learn more here.

4. How can I get frequent email coupons, deals, or savings on Corvette Parts with frequent promotionals? 

We have a frequent e-flyer that is emailed periodically to customers, if you'd like to sign up and earn up to 20% discount on Corvette Products click here.

5. What are your policies about product, refunds, and misc?

Visit our policies page to learn more about our policies, fax, payment methods and more.


6. How do I view order history?

To view order history you can click "View Order History" at the top next to the "cart" button. You must be logged in to view your order history


7. How do I contact a Corvette Pacifica Sales Representative by phone or email?  

The Corvette Pacifica "Contact" page provides our contact information: 1-800 number, fax, and you can send us an email on this page.    

8. What type of experience have other customers had with Corvette Pacifica, and is there a product review section?

You can write a review on products by simply selecting the product on our website and click: "Write a Review" Here is a sample of a review. 


9. How do I use the search filter capabilities to search for Corvette Parts by generation C1-C6?
The Pacifica online corvette parts store features a search tool which enables you to search for Corvette Parts by generation.
In order to use this feature, go to the search box on the left-hand side of the Corvette Pacifica store, type the part your looking for.
For example; if I want to find a carpet set for a 1963 Generation C2 Corvette (1963-1967) I would start off by typing "1963 carpet set"
in the search box, click the go/play button ( > ) then simply click the [ C2 ] button located at the top of the Corvette Pacifica site.
Now you've filtered your search results by Generation C2. You can use this feature to filter Corvette Parts by Generation C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6.


10. Corvette News: Corvette Pacifica joins Corvette the family of sponsors! is very excited to announce the addition of Corvette Pacifica to our family of sponsors.

Corvette Pacifica is the retail corvette parts and accessories catalog affiliated with EC Products Design, Inc, (the EC stands for “Everything Corvette”). EC Products has been serving Corvette owners and enthusiasts for 25 years and they are the largest distributor of Corvette parts and accessories west of the Mississippi. At Corvette Pacifica, you’ll find parts and accessories for all model years from 1953 through 2013.

With Corvette Pacifica, you can shop for the lowest prices on corvette parts for restoration. You’ll also find huge savings on interior, and restoration parts for corvette generations ranging from C1 to C6. And with Corvette Pacifica’s price match guarantee policy, you’ll never overpay the the quality Corvette parts and accessories needed for your restoration product.

Quality, reliability, dependability and service are the key elements to the success of Corvette Pacifica. Everything in the Corvette Pacifica catalog is backed with a Guarantee of Quality. Each product is carefully assessed to ensure it’s constructed from the highest quality materials and that it’s offered at the most reasonable price. Every product is offered with a 30-day return period.

Click here to start shopping at and make sure you sign up for their e-flyer which offers the latest promotions and discounts.

If you have questions or are searching for that hard-to-find Corvette part, you can reach us by telephone at 800-488-7671 Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm PST. or send us a email at

So please give Corvette Pacifica a big CorvetteBlogger welcome and when you need parts and accessories for your Corvette, make sure you visit their online catalog.

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