2005-13 Custom-Fit Radar Detector Bracket

• Mounts To Driver’s Side Sunvisor To Provide An Unobstructed Viewing Field
• Custom-Fit For C6 Corvette Only
• Made From CNC Machined T6064 Aluminum With A Black Painted Finish
• Any Detector Can Be Mounted To The Bracket With The Included Velcro
• Easy To Install – Mounts With The Stock Sunvisor Screw

Radar detectors are great for keeping you from collecting those hated little pink slips. But, with almost every detector is a supplied mount that either mounts to the dash or sticks onto the windshield. In either case it seems the bracket obstructs your view or is in plain sight for everyone to see, and you know there may be some cases where the detector is better unseen. This mount remains virtually unseen and provides an unobstructed view. In addition this mount has great adjustability, simply use the supplied allen wrench at the adjustment arm, and you can fit almost every popular brand of radar detector on the mounting base with the easy-to-use Velcro. Installation instructions included.

[ click image to enlarge ] E16780 BRACKET-CUSTOM FIT RADAR DECTECTOR-05-13
Pricing Price: $50.95 You Save: $10.96! Sale Price: $39.99