Trim Plate-Door Lock-Without Seat Memory Button-2 Pieces-05-13 (#E21309)


2005-2013 C6 Corvette Door Lock Trim Plates - Without Seat Memory Option Button

Dress up your Corvette with our Brushed Stainless Steel Door Lock Trim Plates. These trim pieces are designed to fit all 2005-2013 Corvettes on the inner door panel and add a clean stylish look to your Corvette interior.

NOTE: This part is for cars with-out seat memory option buttons. For trim plates with see E21308.

100% Stainless Steel.
Brushed finish.
Will not tarnish, fade or rust.
Laser cut, for a precise fit.
Adds a unique look and style to your car.
Easy "peel and stick" installation takes just minutes.
Fits all 2005-2013 Coupe and Convertible Corvettes.
Sold as a (2) piece set.
NOTE: This part is for cars with-out option buttons.
Made in USA!

Fits: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Corvettes

Installation Instructions:

1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOU MUST FIRST PREP THE DOOR PANEL IN ORDER TO ALLOW ADHESION!!!!. You can do this by scrubbing the entire area first with household isopropyl alcohol. Then closely follow the procedures outlined in the following steps!!!!

2. If your door panels have been treated with armor-all or silicone coatings, installation will NOT work unless these treatments have been REMOVED with special chemicals! Household Isopropyl alcohol alone WILL NOT remove it. NOTE: Some doors have been treated at the dealerships and the factory before you purchased the car. So to be extra

safe we suggest that you please refer to the SPECIAL PREPARATION

INSTRUCTIONS enclosed. We can not be responsible for plates not sticking due to improper door preparation!


4. Apply a strip of masking tape along the edge of the door lock areas to protect it. Lightly scuff the area to be mounted with the abrasive pad provided and wipe off any and all shavings. This step will produce a raw surface. Once this is done swipe the entire area with the adhesive promoter (provided). Allow a few seconds to dry. Use one of the test strips provided to test tackiness of the door lock area to be mounted. If all

the procedures from the SPECIAL PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS have

been preformed properly your test strip will stick. If it does not stick perform the entire preparation again until it does. DON’T ATTEMPT TO INSTALL YOUR DOOR LOCK TRIM UNTIL YOUR TEST STRIPS ADHERE PROPERLY.

Installation errors are NOT manufacturing defects and parts CANNOT be returned due to improper installation.

5. Before you remove the red liner for permanent attachment place the door trim plate into position and check the fit. Your plates come to you preformed however it will be necessary to form by hand to insure a nice perfectly contoured fit. When you are holding the plate up to the door it should lay flat and conform to the shape of the door without forcing it. (In other words it should look like it is installed and not be protruding from the door panel in any way). Please refer to the pictures at the end of these instructions. Make note of its position. NOTE: Be sure that your trim plates lay flat to your door with no gaps between them and your door.

6. Remove the red liner (be sure not to touch the adhesive) and carefully reposition the door lock plate, press firmly on the plate to set.

7. Then repeat steps 1-6 for the other door.

Return Policy

If shipping damage occurs, the shipper and EC Products must be notified within 24 hours of delivery.

EC Products stands behind our products 100%. damage during installation is not the responsibility of EC Products and does NOT warrant a free replacement. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions, 800-488-5209 or

All returns require pre-authorization before refunds, exchanges or credits will be processed.

Returns will be accepted up to 30 days from order date, with approval only. A standard 15% restock fee will be deducted from refund amount.

The customer is responsible for ALL shipping charges incurred in the process of placing the order and returning any part of the order. Returned packages must be sent prepaid, COD packages will be refused and returned at customer's expense. It is recommended that all returns be insured and shipped with a carrier providing a method of tracking in the event the shipment is lost or damaged.

Custom made items are NOT returnable.

[ click image to enlarge ] E21309 Trim Plate-Door Lock-Without Seat Memory Button-2 Pieces-05-13 [ click image to enlarge ] E21309 Trim Plate-Door Lock-Without Seat Memory Button-2 Pieces-05-13
Pricing Price: $121.48 You Save: $13.50! Sale Price: $107.98


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